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Emergency Services

Emergency Services provides a robust program to prepare for and respond to a broad range of potential emergencies. These include wildfires, vehicle accidents, and the unlikely event of a major chemical or radiological release to the environment. Emergency Services meets theses challenges with the Emergency Management Department that plans and coordinates the functions that must occur both before and during emergencies. Emergency planners are located at every major facility and work closely with operations employees to prepare for events. This broad-based preparedness includes developing plans, procedures, drill packages and program assessments.

Emergency Services largest element is the INL Fire Departmen and ambulance units with trained Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians.

The Warning Communications Center (WCC) is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days per year to provide INL with the ability to rapidly communicate emergency information to our employees and local, tribal, state and federal governments.

Together, these services provide a broad support foundation for the scientists, engineers, managers and operations workers who are engaged in building the world's leading nuclear energy research and development laboratory at the INL.

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