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Energy Systems & Technologies

The division's role and mission is to develop and advance clean, smart and secure energy systems essential to national security, economic prosperity, and environmental sustainability. It embodies science and engineering functions that contribute enabling technologies for today's national energy portfolio. It also augments the country's technical ability to collaborate on and overcome critical energy/water challenges that already impact tomorrow's energy choices.

The division's researchers increase the range of energy options available from traditional and unconventional fossil fuel resources, nuclear power, and renewable forms of energy. They validate the efficiency of coal-to-liquids processes and use carbon-free energy resources like wind or nuclear power to turn captured carbon into other useful sources of power and fuel. This research includes pioneering flexible carbon management practices and finding ways to produce carbon-neutral energy using hybrid energy systems.

The directorate is comprised of five divisions, including: Fossil Energy Systems and Synfuels, Biofuels and Renewable Energy Technologies, Energy Storage and Transportation Systems, Energy Resources Recovery and Management, and Energy Efficiency and Industrial Technologies.

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Advanced Process & Decision Systems

Extracting more energy from unconventional fossil resources requires greater concern for the environment and for integrating energy systems.

Energy Efficiency

Researchers create new techniques that improve products, save electricity and reduce operational costs.

Energy Storage and Transportation

Advanced plug-in hybrid electric vehicles are being tested in fleet operations around the country.

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