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INL Cultural Resource Management Capabilities


The INL Cultural Resource Management Office (CRMO) conducts research based compliance to a myriad of cultural resource Laws. Primary among them are the National Historic Preservation Act, the Archaeological Resource Protection Act, and the National Environmental Protection Act. The four CRMO staff members have education, expertise, and nearly 100 years of combined professional experience in:

  • Prehistoric and Historic Archaeology
  • Industrial Archaeology
  • Public Histories
  • Historical Research
  • Architectural History
  • Anthropology
  • Historic Preservation
  • Archive Management
  • Cultural Resource Management
The CRMO staff members are recognized experts in the history and archaeology of the Great Basin and the identification and preservation of pre and post-World War II industrial sites and architecture. Additionally, the CRMO staff members have provided comprehensive resource management expertise to major DOE and corporate projects in other regions, thereby broadening and enhancing the experience base. CRMO has extensive experience in the survey and inventory of prehistoric and historic cultural resources, the treatment of unanticipated finds, preservation and protection of cultural resources, and promoting involvement by, and negotiations with, Native Americans, state and federal agencies, universities, professionals, avocational groups, and the general public. Finally, CRMO promotes awareness of, appreciation for, and sensitivity to the value of all types of cultural resources through employee and public educational programs emphasizing stewardship of cultural resources as a public trust responsibility. Through these efforts, CRMO staff members have established excellent reputations among customers, oversight organizations, peers, and stakeholders.
Great Basin Culture Area

Great Basin Culture Area

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