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Power Grid Technology Team Researchers


Idaho National Laboratory (INL) Researchers

Researcher Team Position
Austad, Wayne E. N&HS Industrial Control Systems Team Lead
Baldwin, Thomas L.  
Blatter, Don G. Power Management Team Lead
Boring, Ronald L. Human Factors & Performance Lead
Brighton, Lynda L. N&HS Wireless National User Facility Team Lead
Carlson, R. Barney Vehicle Systems Research Engineer; Vehicle Charging Systems Team Lead
Christophersen, Jon P. Testing Lead for USABC
Erbes, Robert Lead NSTB Cyber Security Researcher
Finco, Gary J. Project Manager
Francfort, James E. Vehicle Systems Principal Investigator and Team Lead
Garcia, Humberto E. Intelligent Assessment & Controls Lead; Hybrid Energy Systems Team Lead
Gering, Kevin L. R&D Lead, Platform Lead for Energy Storage Technologies
Gray, Jonathan Project Manager
Harrup, Mason K. R&D Lead, Chemical Synthesis
Kuipers, David G. National SCADA Test Bed  (NSTB) Program Manager
Larsen, Jason Lead Cyber Security Researcher
McBride, Scott A. Power Systems Program Manager; N&HS Infrastructure Security Team Lead
McGuire, Patti M. Vehicle Systems Database Engineer
McJunkin, Timothy R. Cyber-physical Data Fusion Lead
McQueen, Miles A. Cyber Security Lead
Reid, Carol A. Project Manager
Rieger, Craig G. ICIS Distinctive Signature Team Lead
Rohde, Kenneth W. Lead Cyber Security Researcher
Scoffield, Don R. Vehicle Systems Research Engineer
Shirk, Matt Vehicle Systems Research Engineer
Smart, John G. Vehicle Systems Research Engineer
Walker, Victor Mixed Initiative & Human Integration Lead
Warr, Brent E. Vehicle Systems Research Engineer
Wells, Rita Energy Sector Lead Strategist; N&HS Cyber Security Team Lead
West, G. Shawn Principal Investigator
White, Sera Vehicle Systems Database Engineer
Whiting, Eric T.  

Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES) Researchers

Researcher Team Position
Alves-Foss, Jim Cybersecurity
Black, Geoffrey A. Resource Assessment and Forecasting
Butt, Darryl P. Distribution Level metering and sensors
Gardner, John Distribution system modeling and simulation; CAES Energy Efficiency Research Team Lead
Johnson, Brian Power Electronics
Manic, Milos Transient and Dynamic Stability Modeling
Senocak, Inanc Bulk Wind and Solar integration
Solan, David Regional operations and planning committees; Consumer Behavior Analysis; CAES Energy Policy Research Institute Team Lead
Van Den Wymelenberg, Kevin Commercial and Residential Building Integration
Xiong, Hui (Claire) Energy Storage Technologies

Department of energy

DOE Office of Nuclear Energy
DOE-Idaho Office