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Researcher Biographies

This page lists individual researchers, and contains links to reference information about their respective educational background and employment history. The skill sets represented, cross-cut INL's research directorates.

Biomass Characterization & Conversion Systems
     Kenney, Kevin L. 
     Wright, Christopher T.

Controls, Simulation & Human Factors
     Garcia, Humberto E.
     Rieger, Craig G.
     Tawfik, M. Samy

Cyber & Base Security & Wireless Test Beds
     Hoffman, Rob
     Kutsche, Carl A.
     Rieger, Craig G.
     Rodriguez, Julio G.

Energy Storage
(including Batteries & Electric Vehicles)
     Christophersen, Jon P.
     Francfort, James E.
     Gering, Kevin L.
     Murphy, Timothy C.

Energy Systems & Components
     Anderson, Matthew O.
     Boardman, Richard D.
     Cherry, Robert S.
     Guillen, Donna P.
     Jacobson, Jacob J.
     McKellar, Michael G.
     Wright, Richard N.

Environmental Sciences & Compliance 
     Carpenter, Michael V. 
     Irving, John S.
     Matthern, Gretchen E.
     McLing, Travis L.

Power Engineering
(including Microgrids & Transmission Systems)
Baldwin, Thomas L.
Gentle, Jake P.
Myers, Kurt S.

Renewable Energy
     Cafferty, Kara G.
     Mines, Gregory L.
     Podgorney, Robert K.
     Turk, Robert J.
     Gentle, Jake P.
     Myers, Kurt S.

Systems Engineering & Project Management 
     Caliva, Robert M.

Unconventional Fossil Fuels
     Wood, Thomas R.

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