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R&D 100 Awards (2009)

INL has won three R&D 100 Awards for 2009.

Precision Nanoparticles
A revolutionary technology that efficiently produces nanoparticles in uniform and prescribed sizes (1-100 nanometers) using supercritical fluids.  INL researcher Robert Fox was joined by Idaho State University researchers Rene Rodriquez and Joshua Pak in developing the technology.  It has been licensed to Precision Nanoparticles, Inc., of Seattle, Wash.

An innovation that offers a low-cost, plug-n-play option that enables virtually any wireless telecommunications device to safely store sensitive personal information and perform secure transactions.  INL researchers include Steven McCown, Aaron Turner, Kurt Derr, Kenneth Rohde, and Troy Moore.  McCown and Turner have formed a company called RFinity of Idaho Falls, Idaho, and licensed the technology for commercialization.

Water Sample Concentrator
Automated portable device that concentrates and packages a sample of suspected contaminated water for safe, efficient transport to a qualified analytical laboratory.  This technology will help safeguard against pathogen contamination or chemical and biological attacks on water supplies.  INL researchers include Michael Carpenter, Lyle Roybal, and Paul Tremblay.  EPA researchers include H.D. Lindquist and Vicente Gallardo.  It has been licensed to Teledyne Isco, Inc. of Lincoln, Neb.

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