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Job Description: Judge

When you arrive on the day of the tournament, go to the registration table and check in. Inquire as to whether you will be given your first set of questions at the registration table, or whether the quizmaster assigned to you room will bring them to you.

The main duty of the judge is to render a decision in the event a dispute arises over the answer given on a question. The judge will make his or her decision based on the printed answer accompanying the question that was asked. Based on the printed answer, the decision will be as to whether the player’s answer was sufficiently complete in order to be judged correct.

The judge does not have to determine if the printed answer is correct.

If a team does not give the identical answer to the one held by the quizmaster, the Judge will determine if the answer given is adequate. The decision of the judge will be final, even if after the contest it can be proved that the judge erred. A judgment must be made on the spot and the game will proceed. There must be no debate or input from the audience concerning the judge’s decision. It is permissible for the judge to solicit help. If a decision warrants additional discussion, the Judge, quizmaster and coaches could, if desired, leave the room in order to make a final judgment.

The judge needs to keep a close eye on the score to verify. If there is a question, ask for the clock to stop and get clarification.

The judge also needs to keep record regarding whether each question was used during the match. To do this, simply mark a slash or an “X” to the side of each question. It is also helpful to mark which team answered each individual question.


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