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Reed Carlson

Reed Carlson has extensive expereince in instrumentation and control systems and real-time computer hardware/software control and data acquisition applications. He has worked on control and data acquisition upgrades and installations at several facilities, including Experimental Breeder Reactor II. He is currently focused on discrete event simulations and instrumentation and control.

Ronald Farris, M.S.

Ronald Farris has more than 29 years of experience in the nuclear field. He has worked as a nuclear mechanic, an instructor in naval nuclear power, a safety engineer, fissionable material handler, facility operator processing high-level nuclear waste and has qualified on five nuclear plants. He also has certificates in human performance and emergency management and planning and now works in the human performance field.

David Gertman

David Gertman has more than 24 years of experiences of providing human factors engineering, human performance assessment, and human reliability services for aerospace, undersea, nuclear, medical, and process control environments. He is a co-developer of the SPAR-H human reliability analysis method and has co-authored textbooks: "Human Factors Engineering Guidelines for Human-Computer Interface in Process Control" and the "Human Reliability and Safety Analysis Data Handbook."

Jeffrey Joe, M.S.

Jeffrey Joe is a human factors and industrial/organizational research psychologist at Idaho National Laboratory. His research focuses on human performance, organizational influences on human performance, attitudes and attitude change, and decision-making. He has conducted human factors research for INL as well the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and NASA.

Robert Richards, Ph.D.

Dr. Robert Richards has extensive experience in the human factors field. While at INL, he has worked on several projects including exploring the use of e-Learning for the Army Reserve during the Internet's inception and leading the software design for the Tool for Human Error Analysis in a project with Boeing, NASA, and America West Airlines. He currently works at the principal investigator for two NRC programs related to the Human Event Repository and Analysis (HERA) System.

Michael Vollmer

Michael Vollmer started at Idaho National Laboratory in 1991. He designs, develops, and maintains human/machine interface and control software for computers running facility and process equipment. He has worked on several major projects including complete refurbishment of the Fuel Cycle Facility Process and Facility Control System. He was the lead HMI programmer in the development of 13 individual FCF process control systems.

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