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Research Areas

ICIS hosts a multidisciplinary team of more than 50 scientists and engineers who specialize in five technology areas, including resilient control systems, sensors, intelligent automation, robotics and intelligent systems, and human-system integration. Basic and applied research is performed in support of the three research mission areas, and practical design performed in support of the operating facilities. Each activity is important to the overall ICIS capability, and provides not only an individual programmatic capability, but also a diverse INL capability to meet the research focus grand challenge in resilient control systems.

Safeguards and Control System Security
Autonomous and advanced safeguards and control system security architecture, allowing greater stability and reliability in the face of abnormal conditions, whether process or cyber security related.

Specialized sensors and sensing systems for explosives, chemical and radiological protection, industrial automation, and in-pile reactor applications.

Intelligent Automation
On-line condition monitoring and prognostics, observational platform design, and advanced supervisory and predictive controls for reliable, efficient and safe operation of industrial and nuclear facilities.

Human Systems Integration
Research to advance human-centered design and operation of complex systems, considering the human interaction with the process in its various forms, including visual, audible and touch.

Robotics and Intelligent Systems
Integrating sensor technology, resilient control systems, intelligent automation and human-systems design for advanced robotic applications.

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