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Step 1 Review Tour Guidelines

Welcome to Step 1 of the INL Tour Request Process. The information that follows will help you plan for and enjoy your tour of Idaho National Laboratory (INL).

Note: Tours of INL facilities are provided Tuesdays - Thursdays as time and staffing allow. However, facility operations take precedence over tours. From time to time, tours may have to be altered or cancelled due to operational commitments. Every effort will be made to honor tours as scheduled, but they cannot be guaranteed.

Step 1 , All regular tour participants must be U.S. citizens. The Department of Energy requires that we confirm U.S. citizenship for each person planning to participate. Possession of a social security number is not an indication of citizenship, as many foreign nationals are assigned these numbers for employment in the U.S.

Step 2 , the Tour Request Form must be completed to initiate the tour process, and to schedule your tour. You will receive a tour number (via email or phone) when your tour date has been approved by the Tours Office.

Step 3, the Visitor Sign-Up Form must arrive at the INL Tours Office no later than seven (7) days before the tour date. The list must include: full name, social security number, date of birth, and confirmation of U.S. citizenship.

We recommend groups of at least 10 participants with a maximum of 30 participants, ages 12 years or older to enter INL. All visitors to most operating areas must be at least 16 years old. Tours of INL are available for scheduled groups during regular business hours (Tuesday through Thursday) throughout the year. Please complete the tours request form at least 30 days in advance of your desired tour date.

Visitors are not allowed to carry prohibited articles on INL property. These are:

  • Alcohol or illegal drugs
  • Firearms, ammunition, or explosive devices
  • Cameras, recording devices, or portable transmitting devices
  • Personal radiation monitoring devices (Radiation monitoring is conducted by trained and certified INL personnel using instrumentation that is calibrated by accredited laboratories. If a visitor would like to know more about monitoring, please ask your escort.)

Cellular phones are allowed on the INL, but may not be taken into facilities It is advised that tour participants dress appropriately for the weather conditions and a considerable amount of walking. Cotton clothing is preferred; other fabrics tend to create static electricity and attract radon gas, a naturally occurring radioactive gas that INL monitoring devices will detect. It is not a hazard, but it can be an inconvenience. No open-toed or open-heeled shoes are allowed.

NOTE: Any tour participant not wearing shoes that cover the entire foot will not be allowed to visit any operational area.

If any participants have had a medical procedure that involved the application of radiopharmaceutical isotopes within the previous three months, they must alert their escort. The presence of radioisotopes in a person will be detected by INL monitoring devices. During all-day tours, reasonably priced lunches are available at INL cafeterias for visitors to purchase. Visitors are also welcome to bring their own lunch if that is preferred. Transportation issues can be discussed with the INL Tour Office. Most groups are required to provide their own transportation to INL. Contact INL Tours for more information on transportation according to the information below.

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