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On March 14, 2013, Idaho Falls local newspaper, Post Register, featured the research activities in CMSNF through interviewing Todd Allen, David Hurley, and Marat Khafizov.

On March 12-13, 2013, the CMSNF annual all-hand meeting was held in Purdue University. The CMSNF members discussed the research progress and future research plans.

On March 3-7, some CMSNF members attended the annual TMS meeting and presented CMSNF work in San Antonio, TX. Anter El-Azab (Purdue) co-organized a symposium and gave an invited talk. Karim Ahmed and Abdel-Rahman Hassan (Purdue), Lingfeng He (Wisconsin), and David Bai (INL) gave contributed presentations. 



On November 26-30, 2012, Som CMSNF researchers attended the 2012 Materials Research Society (MRS) fall Meeting in Boston.  Dr. anter El-Azab (Purdue) organized the symposium "Defects and Microstructure Complexity in Materials."  Dr. Xian-Ming Bai (INL) gave an invited talk of how different grain boundaries modify the defect production differently in UO2 and Cu.  Dr. Jianguo Yu (INL), Mr. Abdel-Rahman Hassan (Purdue), and Mr. Karim Ahmed (Purdue) gave contributed talks related to the CMSNF work.


CMSNF principal investigator, Dr. Anter El-Azab (Purdue University) was invited to provide a plenary talk at the 6th International Conference on Multiscale Materials Modeling in Singapore, October 15-19, 2012. Dr. El-Azab's talk (titled, Multiscale models and experiments for thermal transport in crystalline solids under extreme conditions) can be found at the conference URL: -- scroll down to the list of plenary talks for more details.