The Center for Material Science of Nuclear Fuels (CMSNF) lead by Idaho National Laboratory was established in 2009 to develop a first principles based understanding of the impact of complex defect structures on thermal transport in irradiated UO2 nuclear fuel and to develop an experimentally validated multiscale framework for the relevant thermal transport mechanisms. CMSNF is a multi-institutional effort that integrates the physics of thermal transport in crystalline solids with microstructure science under irradiation.

CMSNF is one of 46 Energy Frontier Research Centers funded by the U.S. Department of Energy.



On April 22-25, 2014, CMSNF researcher Jianguo Yu co-organized the Symposium EEE: “Materials Behavior under Extreme Irradiation, Stress or Temperature” at the 2014 MRS Spring Meeting in San Francisco. CMSNF researcher David Bai gave an invited talk about modeling defect production and defect clustering in UO2.