Microscopy and Characterization Suite (MaCS)

MaCS Training Requirements

All training is completed using the CAES Training Access Management System (TAMS). There are 3 training sections for MaCS:

  • If you are a non-rad sample user complete section A.
  • If you are a rad sample user complete section A and B.
  • If you are a long term MaCS user (at CAES > 4 weeks/year) complete section A, B, and C.

MaCS Training Sections

A. Training for Non Rad Sample Users
  1. Complete the General Radiation Safety Training (TAMS, under Core Lab Training)
  2. Complete the ISU Radiation Introduction Training (TAMS, under MaCS)
  3. Read the MaCS general Rad Practice (RSP-002) (TAMS, under MaCS)
  4. Attend a Lab Orientation (This will be done when you get here.)
B. Training for Rad Sample Users
  1. Complete training A.
  2. Complete the MaCS Rad Worker Training (TAMS, under MaCS)
    1. Rad Primer and Lab Orientation
    2. Area and Contamination Surveys (RSP-006)
  3. Read the Generic Instrument Protocol (RSP-001)
  4. Read Instrument Rad Protocols if applicable
C. Training for Long-Term MaCS Users
  1. Complete training A and B.
  2. Complete the Facility Orientation (TAMS)
  3. Complete the Core Lab Training (TAMS)

The MaCS lab is a radiological laboratory that requires a dosimeter to be worn at all times, therefore radiological and non radiological MaCS workers must complete Idaho State University (ISU) radiological training located in the CAES Training Access Management Systems (TAMS).

Dress Code for MaCS

Researchers must wear:

  1. Shoes covering their entire foot
    1. No sandals, open toe shoes, or slipper type shoes
  2. Long pants or long skirts (Long: cover your ankle)
    1. No shorts, capris, or skirts
  3. Consider wearing cotton clothing in the winter months.
    1. Fleece and polyester cause false radon reads.

No food, drink, gum, mints, etc. in MaCS.