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Working in CAES 


Radiation Information and Tools

CAES is authorized to conduct radiological work and store radiological materials under Idaho State University’s NRC Broad Scope license. Each radiological lab has an assigned trained Responsible User that holds a permit for possession of certain radiological materials.
Because CAES works under the ISU Broad Scope license, all ISU limits and controls apply and are reflected in CAES’ Radiation Safety Protocols (RSP). 
All rad material is managed and tracked in an inventory database system by the Responsible Users, the CAES Safety Officer (CSO) and ISU’s Radiation Safety Officer (RSO).
If a researcher would like to conduct radiological work in a CAES rad laboratory the following steps must be completed:
  1. Complete and submit a Service Request Form or Project Plan where you will identify to the responsible user your radioisotopes of interest and provide activity and quantity of each isotope.
  2. Upon approval of the Service Request Form or Project Plan the responsible user will submit a RPR 13 form to ISU for approval by the radiation safety officer. Once approval is granted the radiological materials/isotopes can be shipped to CAES.
  3. Complete appropriate training. See number 3 below.
  4. Start and complete work.
  5. If samples have to be returned, fill out RPR 14 at the completion of the project. ISU will take care of any rad waste.

1. Radiological Primer and Lab Orientation/Radiation Safety Protocols (RSP) 

2. Responsible Users and the Radiation Operating Envelope

Responsible Users --- Jason Harris, Joanna Taylor, Supy Phongikaroon.

Responsible User: An individual authorized by the ISU Radiation Safety Committee to acquire and use specific radiation sources and to supervise their use by others, in compliance with pertinent regulations and under conditions approved by the Committee. Responsible users must demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the Committee, competence in the safe use of radiation sources by virtue of appropriate training and experience. Responsible users must assume full responsibility for all radiation sources under their control.

Radiation Operating Envelope: CAES has been allocated a portion of the ISU NRC license for use of radioactive materials.  The current list of permissible isotopes, quantities, activity levels, etc. may be obtained from the CAES Safety Officer, Kristi Moser-McIntire

3. CAES Radiation Safety Training

All training is accessed in the Training Access Management System (TAMS).  By creating a profile in TAMS you can identify what training is required by lab and complete the appropriate training.

All lab users are required to complete the General Radiation Safety Training , regardless of whether or not they perform radiological work.  This training video ensures all CAES researchers have a general level of awareness of radiological principles.   

ISU Radiation Introduction Training is required before a person is issued a dosimeter. 

Based on the laboratory and project, radiation training modules are assigned to an individual.  Again, TAMS identifies which modules are required by location.

4. Radiation User Forms