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Working in CAES 


Conducting Research in CAES

General Information

Below is the process to follow for getting research approved.  To make the process as efficient as possible, you are encouraged to first contact Kristi Moser-McIntire, 208-533-8133, to have a point-of-contact assigned.   The POC will work to understand and ensure your needs are met.

To obtain access to CAES for reasons other than wanting to propose or plan a research project click here.

Note: CAES Microscopy and Characterization Suite (MaCS) is exempt to the standard work planning and control process presented below.  Due to the repetitive nature of work performed in MaCS (i.e., sample preparation and characterization), overarching project plans and radiation work permits have already been implemented for sample preparation and imaging activities.  MaCS services are described on the MaCS web page. The streamlined service request process for MaCS is accomplished using the MaCS Service Request form

CAES Radiological Operating Envelope

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In accordance with the ISU Manual, Section 8, Laboratory Classifications, the ISU Radiation Safety Officer (CSO) and the Radiation Safety Committee, will approve CAES laboratories for radiological work or as radiological facilities. This Plan will be updated if and when the radiological classification for any CAES Laboratory changes. Currently, the areas in CAES that have been approved for radiological work are designated as Radiological Controlled Areas.  They are:

 Advanced Materials (Room 116)
 Radiochemistry (Room 208)
 Analytical Instrumentation (209)
 Microscopy and Characterization Suite  (MaCS) (Room 117)

These are the only areas in CAES in which radiological materials and sources are allowed. Unless, written approval is provided, only the CAES Safety Officer or another representative of the TSO is allowed to move radiological material between these areas.

The quantities and types of radioactive materials that may be used at CAES may be obtained from the CAES Safety Officer or the ISU Radiation Safety Officer.   

Flowchart Process