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 Mobile Alert System

The Bus Operations Mobile Alert System is now operational. Subscribe to it to receive text messages on your cell phone with the latest bus route changes.

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Note: The Idaho Falls dispatch has moved to the Yellowstone Park & Ride, and primary motorpool pick-up and return has moved to WCB.

Contact Information

Bus Route and Schedule Questions - Bus Dispatch, (208) 526-0505

Bus Passes - Teresa Timpson, (208) 526-1416

Lost and Found Items - (208) 526-0505

Vehicle Reservations - online Vehicle Reservations form or contact Bus Dispatch, (208) 526-0557. A limited amount of vehicles are available from mini-pools.

For additional contact information email or call:
Scott Wold - (208) 526-3162
Erin Eddins - (208) 526-0885
Teresa Timpson - (208) 526-1416
Ed Frasure - (208) 526-5496
Jeff Brown - (208) 526-0209
Rod Olsen - (208) 526-0197
Randy Hansen - (208) 526-0515

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