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Supplying High-Quality, Raw Biomass

The building blocks to supply high-quality raw biomass start with harvesting and collection practices, product storage and recommendations of best management practices.

Harvesting and Collection Systems

The goals of advanced biomass harvest and collection R&D are to: 1) reduce costs by optimizing biomass logistics through improved machinery efficiencies, 2) maximize raw biomass quality by minimizing soil contamination and controlling moisture effectively, and 3) promote sustainable management practices.

Storage Systems

The goal of biomass storage R&D is to provide cost-effective solutions for preserving biomass quality and quantity. Advanced storage systems employ definable and measurable storage conditions that extend shelf life. Storage management based on shelf life ensures acceptable quality and enables the use of high-moisture harvesting technologies not otherwise feasible when using conventional biomass storage practices.

Recommending Best Management Practices

Biomass harvest, collection, and storage R&D provide the basis for recommended practices to supply highest quality, on-spec biomass. Biomass supply systems must be versatile enough to allow suppliers to deviate from recommended practices in favor of alternative approaches that best suit their business.

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