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Converting Biomass to High-Value Feedstocks

Advanced feedstocks play an important role in economically and efficiently converting biomass into bioenergy products. Advanced feedstock recipes transform biomass from its diverse, raw forms into high-value, high-density, on-spec feedstocks that are optimized for bioenergy conversion performance.

This transformation involves intermediate preconversion steps that break down, clean up, stabilize, and make biomass more reactive to biochemical and thermochemical conversion. It also involves formulation steps that blend ingredients and densification steps that “set” the formulation for efficient handling and packaging.

Customized feedstocks are optimized for conversion performance, which offers the advantages of improved digestibility in biochemical conversion, reduced slagging and fouling in gasifiers and boilers, and more efficient handling. Custom formulation also enables limitless possibilities for development of new bioproducts and conversion processes.

Bioenergy R&D at Idaho National Laboratory

Transforming biomass from raw forms to customized feedstocks is the focus of the Bioenergy Program at Idaho National Laboratory. This research includes producing feedstock commodities, process affordability, customizing to specifications, and maintaining high value and quality.

Feedstock preprocessing research and development ranges from laboratory-scale applied science, bench-scale prototyping, and pilot-scale testing and demonstration as enabled by tools and systems developed by the Department of Energy’s Office of Biomass Program.

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